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On behalf of the Regimental Senate, I am pleased to announce that three members of the regimental family have been awarded the Regimental Lifetime Achievement Awards. 2019 was the inaugural year for the award and the nominations received were all of the highest quality and substance. The purpose of the award, and the criteria for selection as stated in Regimental Standing Orders are:

“The purpose and intent of The Queen’s Own Rifles Lifetime Achievement Award is to acknowledge and record The Regiment’s appreciation for substantial and continuous contributions by individuals that have enhanced the reputation and well-being of The Regiment. “Substantial contributions” means having real importance or value. “Continuous contributions” means uninterrupted in time or sequence. An individual’s contribution shall normally have been deemed substantial when the contribution has enhanced the reputation or well-being of The Regiment as a whole rather than any single constituent element thereof. The individual being nominated for the award shall normally be retired from active service within the Regiment.”

The inaugural winners of the award are:

Brigadier General Don Pryer (RIP), Former Commanding Officer and Honorary Colonel. Colonel Paul Hughes, former Honorary Colonel and generous donor to The Regiment.
Mr. Tom Martin, President of the Vancouver Island Branch and care giver to MGen and Mrs. Pitts.

These winners are worthy recipients of this award given their long term continuous service and support to The Regiment. Hand crafted scrolls will be awarded to each of the recipients at a yet to be determined date/regimental event. I applaud the winners for all that they have done for The Regiment and I look forward to acknowledging future winners in the years to come.

In Pace Paratus, Walter Holmes

Major General (Ret’d) Walter M. Holmes MStJ, MSM, CD, MBE Honorary Colonel, The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada

Download the Lifetime Achievement Award PDF here

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By now you are all aware of the cancellation of the 160th Birthday Celebrations.

With the Coronavirus epidemic still front and centre, it is very unlikely that we will be rescheduling this event. We can only hope that all members follow the instructions given and you all take care, stay safe, stay home and wash your hands.

The same thing holds true for our monthly luncheon meetings and until the all clear whistle is blown, this cancellation will apply.

I would also like to point out the importance of communicating with each other and bringing forward any and everything that might be of concern or interest to fellow Rifleman. Your are encouraged to pass on things of interest to an Executive member whom in turn will ensure it gets in the pipeline.

VP Joe, [ no not Biden ] and his 2 IC Sandi are doing an excellent job with the membership and the payment of dues as well as keeping your Executive up to date on the financial well being of our Association. My suggestion to those that have not paid your dues for this year, you should contact Sandi before she contacts you.

We also have Ron Cullen on board as 2nd VP and he will begin to take an active part on the Executive which will become evident as we move forward. We are hoping it will be in the field of seeking out Rifleman that are not presently members of the Association.

Likewise, if you know of any ex Rifleman that are not part of the Association, you should pass their name on to the Executive so as we are able to contact them. We have to encourage new members to come on board with us. Secretary Janice,, continues to inform members of items of importance and passes on to the available addresses we have recorded. It is important that any changes you make to your information on file, that you notify her to adjust the records. Your cooperation in this area would be greatly appreciated.

There has not been a lot of activity in the area of the Kit Shop or the Museum and we intend to work towards addressing this when things get back to normal, if there is such a thing.

Mike continues to look at upgrades to our Web page and to bring about improvements that we trust membership will enjoy. You are invited to visit the page and if you have suggestions or ideas that you feel will benefit the association, please pass them on for consideration.

We also intend to pass along items of interest and with everyone staying at home now, why not get that box of military memorabilia of old pictures or whatever stories or news articles you have and pass them on so we can pass them on.

Your Directors- Hryhoryshen, Ratzlaff, Brayshaw, Thomas- the behind the scenes crewe, along with Bisson in Kit Shoppe and Cromwell & Scrafton in the Museum.

Thanking you for your continued support. Take care, Stay Safe & Stay home.

Tom Martin